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Shift Personal training at London 2012

Seeing athletes of this calibre competing live is something that can have a profound effect on people in their sporting and fitness endeavours! I have been addicted to the Olympics from the start and it is even more amazing having seen it live.

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Dumbell Hang Power Snatch

Just a quick blog today to introduce readers to our new YouTube account! Check out ShiftPTPlymouth.

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Sitting vs Athleticism

In western cultures today many people spend the majority of their time sitting down! This can be in the office, driving your car, on the toilet, watching tv but hopefully not sitting on too many weights machines at the gym. This ‘sitting culture’ can lead to a variety of adaptations in the musculo-skeletal system which are not conducive to optimum athletic performance and physical function. This can include tight hip flexors, weak/underactive glutes, weak lower back musculature and lordodic spine posture.

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Antagonistic Muscle Pairs 10/06/2011

Using knowledge about how muscles and joints operate can help us to create more efficient and effective training session and protocols for aiding muscular balance and improving athletic performance. None of us want to waste our time in the gym so take a moment to understand the concept and application of antagonistic muscle pairs.

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Glutes of Steel! Butt Training 101

In todays blog I want to introduce you to some new concepts and exercises for training the glutes. The glutes are KEY players in sports, structural integrity and efficiency of the core as well as injury prevention. Oh, and the majority of female gym members I speak to say amongst other things they want to ‘tone up’ their bum. So if you are interested in training and have a bum then read on!

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Strength Training Exercise Selection- II

‘Sports Specific Training’ and ‘Functional Strength’ are terms that have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. The genesis of these terms come from the principle of specificity, which basically states that the body gets better at doing what it practices doing. This specificity related to training can be linked to the neuro-muscular system, hormonal systems and energy systems. It was legendary American Football coach Vince Lombardi who once said ‘Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect’. That is specificity in a nutshell. But how does it apply to the world of strength training.? The principle of specificity is, in itself, sound. However, as with many ideas presented to people they can be miss applied or misinterpreted if they are taken to extremes in the wrong…

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Strength Training Exercise Selection 07/06/2011

In today’s blog I am going to discuss exercise selection for strength and muscle mass training. I decided to write on the subject of exercise selection after an interesting conversation with a personal training colleague this week, during which we came to the conclusion that many of the ridiculously ineffective exercises choices seen in gyms around the country can be blamed at least in part on personal trainers who feel a deep need to entertain clients in order to retain them by providing endless exercise variety.

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On Getting Heavier... and faster!

Often where sports are concerned (especially invasion games such as soccer, rugby, american football, hockey etc…) there are 2 stereotypes that abound…. the smaller, quicker but weaker player and the bigger stronger but slower player. This stereo-type is hugely outdated for several reasons as I will explain below:

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Getting Myself 'Rugby Ready'

The first instalment of the ‘Joes Training’ section of my blog will be looking at the strength training programme that I have recently started. The aim of this programme is to lay a foundation for a return to rugby playing in the new season.

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Why use a personal trainer?

1. Measurable results

All too often gym goers finish a workout when they ‘feel’ they have had a good workout but over a period of time they see diminishing results. The necessity for accurate record keeping when training in order to track both the volume (the overall amount of training measured for example the total weight lifted in a session) and the intensity (ie the percentage of your 1 rep max that you used) of your workout will provide you with hard data to evaluate exactly how well your training endeavours are doing at achieving your goals. Knowledgeable exercise professionals will be able to manipulate these two key variables using the most efficient exercise protocols to suit your specific goal. For example training

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