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Personal Training Plymouth

I help men and women of any age and ability achieve their fitness goals. Shift Personal Training puts the ‘personal’ back into personal training. Whatever your goal is I can help you achieve it.

Do you want to:
• Increase muscle mass
• Decrease body fat
• Lose weight
• Improve sports performance
• Exercise pre/post natal
• Increase activity levels
• Train for selection for the armed forces
• Be in shape for an upcoming event ie holiday/wedding

Then the professional service provided by Shift Personal Training Plymouth is for you.

Services include:
• Diet & supplementation advice/food plans
• One on One personal training sessions
• Training Programme design
• Functional movement assessments
• Team strength and conditioning sessions
• Sports performance analysis

Personal Training prices start from £35 for a one hour session. Prepaid block bookings qualify for a discount. Gift vouchers are also available.

Below is the text from an article that appeared in the Plymouth Herald Newspaper on Saturday 9th June 2012 about my work with a client! He has achieved his dream with the help of me as his personal trainer, so can you! You can read the article in its entirety here

Saturday, June 09, 2012 Plymouth

A PLYMSTOCK man is set to achieve his high-flying ambition after shedding more than four stone in weight. Ever since he first set foot in a plane as a child, Jamie Rulton knew he wanted to be an airline pilot.

But in his late teens, he weighed 23 stone 4lbs and was so unfit he was out of breath just climbing the stairs at home. He knew that even if accepted on a pilot training course he would never pass a series of medicals.

But instead of giving up, he enlisted the help of a personal trainer. Since signing up to the strict training programme, Jamie has been running, lifting weights, doing cardio-vascular exercises and improving his diet.

Now aged 20, Jamie has shed four stone three pounds and is fighting fit after training for up to 5 hours a week with Joe Canning of Shift Personal Training.
And that’s just as well, because Jamie has just been granted a 10,000-dollar scholarship by a flying school in Florida.

He leaves on July 1 this year to start the 18-month course, which costs $45,000.

Jamie said: “You have to pass medicals and be fit and healthy to be a pilot. I’m 6ft 3in and stocky, but I was carrying a lot of weight. Now I have a lot more muscle tone definition and feel so much better.”

Jamie initially lost weight with a slimming group but broke his arm, couldn’t exercise and put it all back on. But under Joe’s guidance, he swapped carbohydrates, including bread, for protein, including chicken, and with exercise the weight fell off and stayed off.

Once qualified, Jamie could earn £30,000 as a commercial pilot or up to £200,000 a year flying big passenger jets.

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