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Sport at all levels is becoming increasingly competitive with teams and individuals looking to invest more time and energy into improving performance. Many muscle magazines and websites attempt to cash in on the competitive nature of their readers by offering advice that they claim will improve performance. The issue is, that with so many people giving advice on the subject it can be confusing knowing who to listen to.

I differ from self-appointed experts in that I spent 3 years completing an B.Sc. Honours Degree in Sports Conditioning where I learnt from National and International Level coaches (including a former All blacks Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach and an Olympic Running Coach). I have been taught by people who have been there and done it at the highest level. Shift Strength and Conditioning offers sports specific and sports general training which is research proven to increase all key Performance indicators for sports, including speed, strength, power, stamina, flexibility, coordination, balance and more.

So whether you are a elite athlete or a weekend warrior you can come to Shift Strength and Conditioning to take your sports performance to the next level.

Check out what Josh Taylor, captain of the University of Plymouth Mens Rowing Club has to say about the service he has received from Shift Personal Training;

‘‘Joe and the team at Shift Personal Training have taught the University of Plymouth’s Rowing Club a thing or two and have greatly advanced their strength and power tailed brilliantly to the specific sport. Sessions ranged from high intensity Tabata circuit training that pushed the guys beyond limits they thought they could never achieve resulting in exhaustion and deep pain but a feeling of great achievement and a twisted pleasure, to strength and conditioning training, that focuses on our individual techniques to make sure every single rower is carrying out the heavy lifting spot on and applying the power in the right places in a safe and controlled manor. Motivation always spreads through the session and the team really come together to push themselves to their best. The strength and explosive training have shown improvements in the rowers 2k ergo times but also their technique, posture, core strength and how they apply their power through the stroke. Thanks Shift Personal Training for some tough but brilliant sessions that have helped produce great results. May it continue in the following years.’‘
Josh Taylor

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